Psychiatric rehabilitation is to achieve the best possible overall outcome by minimizing disability and maximizing the utilization of the person’s existing ability. This can be achieved through various short and long-term rehabilitation services.

Psychiatric rehabilitation or psycho-social rehabilitation is a process of re-establishment of the individual who has psychiatric disability back into the community. The aim is to provide a goodness of fit between person’s environment as well as his ability to cope with that environment. Our services combine biological treatment, independent living, psychological support, social skills training, vocational rehabilitation and facilitating access to leisure activities. Also the goal is to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with psychiatric illness so that society is able to accept patients more willingly.

Every person deserves to lead a successful and satisfied life. We are committed to promoting recovery, full community integration and improved quality of life for persons who have been diagnosed with any mental health condition that seriously impairs functioning. We believe that Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services are collaborative, person directed, and individualized and certainly an essential element of the human services spectrum. The focus of psychiatric rehabilitation services is on helping individuals rediscover skills and access resources needed to increase their capacity to be successful and satisfied in the living, working, and learning environments of their choice.

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