Unable to recall Complete address Stating he is from Delhi Jilla


Found on  : 05.04.2017

Found at : Vedharanyam

Complexion  : Dark

Height : 149 Cm

Occupation  : Shoe Polishing

Identification Marks

Tatoo : 1. Hindi letter Tatoo named " Mamta" on the right arm 
  2.Hindi Letter Tatoo named " Mogli" on the middle of the chest 
  3.Figure Tatoo (  birds ) on the left arm

Scar 1.One Stitch mark  on the right arm 
  2.Two Stitch marks on the right arm just above the elbow 
          3.Two cut marks on the head

Mole         :  A black mole on the front of the chest

Father Name : Mr. Bhagawan Das 

Mother name :  unable to recollect

Identified as Psychiatric Patient

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